When to start using anti aging products ?

The passage of time leaves marks at the corner of the eyes, a lion’s wrinkle on the forehead, and sometimes furrows in the neck … To fight against skin aging, there are anti-aging skincare products that nourish, moisturize and plump the epidermis. But is there an age to start ?

anti-aging products
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What is anti-aging care ?

With age, our skin loses its elasticity and smoothness. The cells are renewed less quickly and the epidermis produces less collagen. After the age of 30, the skin tends to dry out. After the age of 40, brown spots may also appear on the face. So, to keep a fresh and Supple skin, when do we start?

First of all, we prefer a healthy lifestyle to put all the chances on our side: we eat a balanced diet, have a good night’s sleep, avoid excess alcohol and tobacco, and protect ourselves from the sun’s rays. And to boost our youth capital, we do not hesitate to apply anti-aging products care regularly. In the form of cream, gel, or serum, they allow the skin to regain its suppleness and elasticity. Certain anti-aging hyaluronic acid treatments are effective in slowing the appearance of wrinkles and furrows.

At what age should you start applying anti-aging?

Faced with skin aging, there is no equality. Some women are more prone than others to the marks of time. The genetic factor also plays an important role. But with targeted anti aging products, now it is possible to regain toned skin.

There is no predefined age to start using anti-aging skincare: however, it is recommended to start around 30 years of age. Indeed, in the early thirties, cells regenerate less quickly. However, you can start using anti-aging cream skincare as early as age 25 or after age 35. However, it is a point of honor to choose products adapted to your skin: a 26-year-old woman will not use the same cream as a 50-year-old woman.

How to choose your anti-aging skincare ?

To find the ideal anti-aging products, you must first study your skin. If you are prone to skin problems such as blemishes, irritation, or acne, it is essential to treat these problems before starting an anti-aging treatment. One can also turn to anti-oxidant treatments designed for young skin. These will prevent the first wrinkles from appearing.

After the age of 30, our bodies and skin change. To regain a fresh complexion, we must moisturize our skin daily: it is possible to alternate a day cream with an anti-aging serum to plump up the epidermis. From the age of 40, the anti-aging serum can be used daily, even morning and evening. When brands are more present, we turn to highly moisturizing products, with effective molecules and active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidant polyphenols.

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How to apply your anti-aging care ?

Anti-aging care slows down the aging of the skin while stimulating collagen and elastin. They stop the appearance of wrinkles and spots. But for them to be truly effective, you still need to have the right gestures! First of all, you start by applying your eye contour with your index finger, and from the eyelid start smoothing the epidermis from the inside to the outside. One can also make circular movements in order to activate blood circulation. To apply its anti-aging cream on the face, one always goes from the center to the outside. Then, one taps and pinches his skin slightly in order to firm the tissues. And one does not forget his neck nor his cleavage!

How to delay the aging of the skin :

In order to delay the appearance of wrinkles, it is necessary to hydrate the skin daily (even oily skin) to nourish it and protect it from external effects. Cleansing the skin morning and evening with lotions, beauty water or cleansing foams such as the one proposed by Esenka will allow the skin to get rid of all impurities. Then apply a moisturizing cream that is suitable for your skin. Esenka offers you its anti-aging anti-wrinkle day cream which is suitable for all skin types but also specific creams according to your needs.

Finally, beware of the sun, tobacco and alcohol as these are factors that accelerate the skin’s aging process. If you expose yourself to the sun, apply high protection sunscreen to protect the skin.