Baby shower gifts and others

Your friend, your daughter or your sister will soon have the pleasure to welcome a little wonder in her life, and you want to pamper her by offering her indispensable but also original gifts? Here are a few ideas of Baby shower gifts to inspire you!

Nightlight that projects stars :

This turtle plush night light projects a starry sky on the ceiling and will accompany baby throughout his childhood. Parents will appreciate it when changing diapers in the middle of the night because it provides a soft light, and children will sleep peacefully with it by their side. It reassures those who don’t like the dark, because all they have to do is press the moon button and the ceiling turns into a starry vault. A must-have to give beautiful nights as a gift!

Nursing blanket :

another one of many Baby shower gifts Available in different models and colors, the nursing blanket allows new moms to breastfeed discreetly. By slipping around the neck, it stays securely in place and ensures good air circulation for the baby. This makes it easier to breastfeed anywhere, while maintaining a certain amount of privacy.

Stroller Carabiner :

The stroller carabiner comes to free, a little, the arms of mom. It clings firmly to the stroller and allows you to carry a bag, toys, or anything else that tends to fall around the stroller. Overworked parents will find this gadget very useful.

Bath Storage :

Those friendly Baby shower gifts hangs on a ceramic wall with its suction cups and is a pleasure to carry all the games on its back. A container can be detached to quickly collect all the scattered toys. They can be rinsed thanks to the holes that let water pass through. Another space allows to store soap and shampoo. In no time at all, everything is in order and the bath is back to almost normal!

Waterproof cover :

When a child arrives, the days consist of many stroller rides. This waterproof blanket allows, even if the ground is wet, to stop at the park to let baby move on the ground, and to picnic in the open air.

Cuddly toy puppet :

The famous “cuddly toy” proves to be a must at the birth of a newborn baby. It will be able to follow him everywhere, and will help him to find the smile during the less amusing moments since it also transforms itself into a puppet. Let’s bet that she will become THE cuddly toy puppet that you can’t live without!

Infinite Saliva Scarf :

You don’t feel out. All children have a period when they produce a phenomenal amount of slime. Fortunately, a new product, made in Quebec, comes to the rescue of babies and parents! To replace the traditional bib, this infinite saliva-proof scarf with pacifier attachment is available in different colors to keep baby looking trendy while staying dry.

Stroller toy with snack tray :

This stroller toy adapts to different strollers and allows the toddler to have fun while walking around. It includes a teething toy, rattle, quack and crumpled paper, plus a container for snacks. The container can be removed for washing and reattached securely to keep the snack in place.

Clever pacifier :

Turn your back on the haunting of all new parents with this smart pacifier. As soon as it comes out of baby’s mouth, it closes automatically. No more worrying about a pacifier falling on the floor and being covered with bacteria as baby screams for it!

Airplane hammock seat :

Expectant parents who love to travel will be thrilled to receive the FlyeBaby. It frees the arms of parents who no longer need to constantly carry their baby during long plane trips. It sits on the back of a seat so that the child can lie down comfortably while facing an adult. The FlyeBaby also converts into a booster seat with its five-point harness and attachments that attach to most chairs.

Baby shower gifts