15 ways how to avoid pregnancy

Individuals who are sexually active and are looking to that question : how to avoid pregnancy ? are advised to consider their options for contraception. There are a variety of contraception that can assist in avoiding the possibility of becoming pregnant. The only safe method of avoiding pregnancy is to stay away from sexual activity.

It is the Family Planning Association (FPA) in the UK estimates that as high as 90% of women who are sexually active are likely to become pregnant within the next 12 months when they don’t make use of contraception. The risk of becoming pregnant increases each time they experience sexual contact with no contraception, which includes when it is the first time that they had sex.

Certain methods are accessible without prescription, but the majority require prescriptions. Every type of birth control comes with advantages as well as disadvantages. Find out more about the various types of contraception that are designed to stop women from becoming pregnant.

how to avoid pregnancy

how to avoid pregnancy

Barrier methods

Barriers prevent eggs from getting sperm. These comprise:

1. Male condoms

Female and male condoms are the only forms of contraceptives that guard from the transmission of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs).

If used properly when used properly, male condoms can be better than 80 percent trusted source efficient against pregnancy in the words of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

When using a condom for men properly:

  • Select the right size.
  • The condom should be placed on the top of the penis that is erect. If the area isn’t circumcised, pull back the skin back from the front first.
  • Simply press the tip of the condom in order to get rid of any air.
  • Unroll the condom along the penis while being careful not to tear it.
  • After having a sexual encounter, hold the condom’s base in place prior to pulling it out from the vagina.
  • Take the condom out and take it away. Never reuse a condom.

The majority of condoms for males contain latex however, other kinds are also suitable for people with allergies to allergic reaction to the latex. If you’re using lubricant make sure it’s compatible with the condom you’re using. For instance, condoms made of latex are only suitable for use with lubes that are water-based.

Condoms can be purchased over-the-counter (OTC) without a prescription, at pharmacies, supermarkets and on the internet. Condoms that are free of latex are also available for purchase on the internet..