15 ways how to avoid pregnancy

2. Female condoms

Female condoms can also be purchased without prescription. They can be used in place of male condoms however, they should not be used in conjunction with one.

According to CDC condoms for females are around 79 percent trusted source effective in contraception.

A lot of drugstores are now selling female condoms. However, when local stores do not carry them, they’re readily available on the internet..

how to avoid pregnancy


3. Diaphragm

Diaphragms are a contraceptive method that is placed within the vagina. It is crucial to apply spermicide on the diaphragm prior to every use.

If used in conjunction with spermicide it is the CDC estimates that diaphragm can be approximately 90 percent Trusted Source useful.

The person should insert the diaphragm just a few hours prior to a sexual encounter, put the diaphragm in position for six hours following sex, then take it out within 24 hours. Diaphragms do not protect against STIs.