15 ways how to avoid pregnancy

6. Spermicide

Spermicide is a chemical which inhibits the sperm. It can be purchased without prescription, and is utilized in conjunction with other kinds of barrier contraception like condoms, but not in conjunction with the sponge.

If used in isolation the spermicide should be placed close to the cervix minimum 10-minutes prior to sexual activity. It is effective for 60 minutes, and is 70 percent Trusted Source efficient.

Spermicide gels are available in drugstores or bought on the internet. Consult a physician about the most effective methods to use spermicide for contraceptive.

Hormonal techniques

Hormonal birth control methods stop conception by preventing the process of ovulation that is when the body releases eggs from the Ovaries. This kind of contraception does not shield against STIs.

The majority of hormonal contraceptives are accessible with a prescription from a doctor other than emergency contraception, it’s not typically accessible on the internet.


7. Contraceptive pills

Use Pinterest to share kinds of birth pills for controlling menstrual flow. One of them stops menstrual cycle, and the other one does not.

Pills for contraception are among of the most frequently utilized ways of contraception available in the U.S.

There are many kinds of pills available and, as per the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK they are more than 99 percent effective when used as directed.

But, in the normal usage, they’re about 95 percent effective.

There are two types for the pills:

  • The pill combined that contains estrogen and progestin. They should be taken each day as per directions. The pill packs usually contain several pills that are not full of hormones. While taking these pills one will experience an annual period.
  • The mini-pill has only progestin in it: It is necessary to take this pill at the exact time each day, without break. A person who takes the mini-pill may not have to be scheduled for a timetable for their menstrual cycle.