15 ways how to avoid pregnancy

8. Patches

Based on the NHS The contraceptive patch has been proven to be 100 percent efficient when it is used properly. In normal use it’s closer to 90% Trusted Source efficient.

A person could place an anti-conception patch on:

  • to the back
  • buttocks
  • stomach
  • upper arm

Each patch for 3 weeks after which they can remove it for one week to permit menstrual cycles. There is a chance of irritation to the skin.


9. Injection

Contraceptive shots (Depo-Provera) is usually administered by a doctor each 12 weeks. As per the CDC If used properly and as long as one receives their shot at the right time, it’s well over 90% trusted source effective in stopping pregnancy.

As per Planned Pregnancy, it may take as long as 10 , months or more for fertility levels returning to its normal following people stop receiving shots of contraception.