15 ways how to avoid pregnancy

12. Implants

Implants are a different type for hormonal birth control. Doctors or nurses insert an iron rod of the size of a matchstick into the arm of a woman to guard against the risk of pregnancy.

Implants work by releasing hormone progestin to the body. This prevents the ovulation process. The CDC estimates that implants are also more than 99 percent trusted source efficient for contraception.

Implants need to be replaced each 3 years.

Other ways


13. Natural family plan

The method that is most effective for contraception is to track the menstrual cycle and not having sexual contact when one who is fertile stage of menstrual cycles.

The individual’s “fertile window” lasts for between 6 and 9 days per month . It coincides with ovulation, the moment when the egg is released.

Many methods are available to use natural methods for family planning. A lot of people use these indicators to determine if they are in ovulation or within their fertile window

  • The measurement of body temperature at rest
  • noting the quality and the quantity of cervical mucus
  • The cycle’s start and end dates of their cycle for several months

The fertile window of each person is different, and one should be aware of their body’s signals. According to CDC Natural methods for family planning are 75 percent successful when done correctly.