how to get wrinkles out of polyester in 5 steps

Polyester is the garment par excellence that does not need to be ironed. The only time polyester may require ironing is after leaving the garment in the washing machine for too long or not laying it out to dry. Be aware that you can iron on polyester, but there are certain steps on how to get wrinkles out of polyester to follow.

Steps for ironing polyester :

  1. To iron a polyester garment, first set the iron to the correct temperature. Please refer to the garment’s label for the washing conditions indicated. Generally speaking, polyester prefers a low temperature.
  2. Lay the garment out on the ironing board first and iron the back side first.
  3. Turn it over to iron the front side and then finish ironing through the sleeves by folding them down one by one.
  4. You can then fold up your perfectly ironed garment.
  5. For a faster and more efficient ironing, you can use a damp cloth placed between the iron and the garment, or you can directly use a damp cloth, which can also be used for ironing silk.

Limit regular ironing :

Polyester is not a garment that needs to be ironed too frequently. The best way to avoid this is to hang the garment up on a hanger directly after washing the polyester. Once the garment is dry, remember to fold and store it immediately to avoid marks and creases.

how to get wrinkles out of polyester


A quick and easy trick, hairspray!
Turn the garment inside out (the seams should be visible) and spray hairspray from a distance of 30 cm. Perform the operation before wearing your polyester clothes for a better efficiency.