5 tips for a successful pregnancy photoshoot

Pregnancy is a suspended and precious moment for expectant mothers. Many women want to immortalize this important period with a pregnancy photo shoot. How do you go about it? When to do the pregnancy photoshoot ? Where to do it? Follow our five tips for successful photos.

Choose the right moment :

For a pregnancy photo session, the ideal is to choose the moment when your curves are clearly visible, without waiting for the last days when fatigue can become more pronounced. According to professional photographers, the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy are the perfect time to pose in front of the lens and take your best shots of a pregnant woman..

Of course, it’s entirely possible to schedule a pregnancy photoshoot earlier if you feel more comfortable in front of the lens. The important thing is to make this shooting a real moment of pleasure.

Select the right outfit :

Your clothes should not be chosen at random on the day. Opt for timeless and sober tones such as white, beige, grey, black, navy blue or other soft colors. Also, choose plain clothes instead of logos and patterns, unless you really want to give your photos a special style (sailor photos, for example).

In addition, your outfit should highlight your pretty rounded belly, which remains the main subject of the photo shoot. For pregnant women, tight dresses are ideal: they accentuate the belly but not necessarily the rest of the body. Another option: simple jeans with a sweater that hugs the shape of your belly. Either way, choose an outfit you’re comfortable in.

Put it in the right place :

There are two possibilities for your pregnancy photoshoot : posing indoors (at home or in the studio) or outdoors.

Indoors, the photo session generally takes a rather intimate and cocooning angle. In this case, opt for tea cups, soft and comfortable clothing (slippers, ponchos, etc.), plaids, rugs, cushions or a fireplace as a backdrop to warm up the atmosphere if you have one. This type of indoor pregnancy photoshoot highlights the special relationship between the mother-to-be and her baby.

Depending on the season, it is also possible to pose outdoors to bring a touch of originality and freshness to your photos. The softness of snow in winter, the beautiful colors of autumn, the trees and flowery fields in spring or the beautiful sunsets on the beach in summer: each season can bring a real added value to your outdoor pregnancy photos. However, make sure you pose at the right time, when the light is softer, warmer and more flattering: either very early in the morning or later, before sunset, to adapt to the seasons.

Personalize the pregnancy photoshoot :

Don’t forget that the main interest of this pregnancy photoshoot is to keep precious memories. In order to give your photos a unique and personal character, go for a photo shoot that suits you, and in a place that you like. Also, remember to personalize your photos with unique accessories, such as baby’s first booties, her cuddly toy, a slate with a note, etc. Don’t be afraid to guide the photographer, or at least give him or her some ideas for photos you had in mind that you would like to take.

Involve the family :

The pregnancy photoshoot is not only dedicated to pregnant women. The father-to-be, if he’s up for it, can also get involved in your photo shoot. Also, if you already have children, they can also take part in the project, in order to transform this shooting into a real family and friendly moment.

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